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The Team

I have a small but dedicated team of specialists who provide exceptional quality in their field of expertise. When you order any of the following services, you can have complete faith in their ability to bring your project to life and to exceed your expectations.

Video Creation/ Website Creation/ Marketing Services/Product Analysis

Andy Beveridge is well-known for his imaginative style marketing services across the web and he is an author of many books and reports in his own right including: Start Up The Traffic Machine and The Stormbringer Report.  He has created many promotional videos ideal for authors promoting their new books or products and all are written to increase sales and to incite interest from others. Check out sample book trailers here.

In addition, he creates and hosts websites for authors or for those who are setting up their online business. Other skills include: marketing for new businesses, sales pages and sales funnels, he’s also is a vital part of The Product Sleuth team analyzing product launch problems so don’t miss out on the opportunity to hire the best.

Andy Beveridge is also the owner of Digi-Warrior Services – a marketing and coaching platform.

Editing and Proof-Reading

Maggie Burns is a wordsmith and her editing and proof-reading skills are exceptional. Maggie is dedicated to providing an accurate and efficient service helping authors across the globe to publish books that are free from grammatical errors.

Want to go ahead with your project? Think that we can help? We will do our very best to ensure that our service is seamless and efficient. Contact Annette Young or her team right here.



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