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Success…It’s All in the Mind

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by Annette Young

Some years ago, I was told I lived in my mind and my life was a fantasy one, my dreams of being successful as an author and freelance writer were just that, dreams. As a creative person I was told that creativity didn’t pay and that no-one could just be an author, you had to know someone in publishing or, practically be a genius with the written word to make your living out of writing. It’s been a long road of learning but today, I am proud to say that I am successful in my writing and I have more than exceeded my own expectations. I’ve certainly stomped all-over the comments from those unhelpful others who thought I should give up on my dreams. As if!

Today, I have a successful publishing company helping other writers and authors to achieve their dreams, I also have a successful freelancing career writing for clients on a worldwide scale.  Now, to add to this, I am co-owner of Transformative Thought a new motivational website which helps others achieve through the power of their mind-set. If you are wondering why I am adding to an already busy schedule, I’m the first to admit I am a bit of a workaholic but I love writing and creating products, so it plays to my strengths and, there is something so pleasing about the whole creative process. I love starting a new business or product from scratch, breathing life into it and watching it grow.

This post isn’t about me patting myself on the back in a congratulatory way, I just feel it’s important for everyone to realise that they can achieve anything they want if, they really put their minds to it.  We should all be encouraging each other to fulfil our true potential and with encouragement, positive improvements are then made in life. When others try to halt your progress in life, understand that they do this through fear. They don’t want you to develop and grow in case you leave them behind. It took me a long time to realise this and it is not always easy to be single-minded about your ambitions or goals, but if those desires are so important to you, you must follow your path.

Just imagine all you will be able to achieve if you truly put your mind to your chosen goals. I honestly believe that pretty much anything is possible.

I was not surrounded by positive people during those times when I really needed support. Certainly, partners and former husbands did all they could to scupper my dreams. I just knew that I had to ignore them and do all that was necessary to be successful. I recognised this was all about control and about their own inadequacies. They feared my success. Not only is this type of behaviour hurtful, it’s also totally unnecessary. So was it easy? No. I just kept those goals in sight. Did I feel negative at times?  Absolutely. Did I doubt my own abilities? Yes indeed. But somehow, I tapped into something at core level and I guarded my dreams and learned everything I could to ensure that my path led me in the right direction.

Transformative Thought is really all about offering support to others. It’s about developing and strengthening the mind-set which can literally be applied to every area of life. Yes, it’s a business but it’s a heart-felt one. These days, I only take on work that I will enjoy and believe in. When I teach at workshops, it’s because I believe in the message within, when I work for clients, it’s because I enjoy the work and have developed a good rapport with the client. I want them to be successful. When I write my own products or books, it’s because I am passionate about it.

I set up Transformative Thought with my brother – who had his own sometimes difficult journey through life and yet still managed to achieve. Our paths funnily enough led to the same spot, at the same time and our qualifications supported this business model. In fairness, we talked about this years ago but our lives were so busy with the careers we were working on at the time, that we mentally book-marked it as a future possibility. Now, by pooling our knowledge-base and skill-set, it led naturally to this point.  Our motto is to never, ever give up…..not even when the way forward seems impossibly blocked. Sometimes success is easier than you might believe, but your own self-limitations are the biggest stumbling block to overcome. If you have dreams of your own and know that your life is not where you want it to be yet, come and visit the site for motivation and guidance.

Sometimes the journey towards fulfilling life’s true potential is a rocky one, you’ll feel down, experience doubts or not know how to move past these stumbling blocks but, hand on heart, anything is achievable with dedication, determination and by fine-tuning that mind-set. Your brain works for or against you, which will it be?

Psst…..if you need a little help, grab a free report HERE.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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