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Dancing with Mistletoe

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Dancing with Mistletoe: A Holiday StoryDancing with Mistletoe: A Holiday Story by Leslie Wells

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m first going to start off my saying that I took a chance on this book because I am always keen to find new authors and to try to extend my reading range (usually mysteries or crime).

My own preference is to read a book that is hugely gripping and highly compelling. I like grisly crime stories and a myriad of complex sub-plots. Dancing with Mistletoe is not that and the cover and the description are very clear.

I like characters to have many obstacles to overcome but the main character Julia is never really pushed, her life is pretty easy and the only fears she has, like so many women in love, is the fear that the relationship will suddenly be over. Because the plot is simplistic, I couldn’t discover new levels. In fact at one point I was really hoping that the love of her life would do something to really shake their relationship.

It’s well-written however, the story flows and it made me smile. I liked the naughty innuendos and I do think although it’s a very short book, it will please a great many readers who like a nice easy to read modern love story. I believe Leslie Wells is a popular author and I can understand why, this is a feel good book and I can imagine the author achieved what she set out to do. Some readers will absolutely love it.

If you have an hour spare and want a short,sweet and mildly spicy book which makes you feel all is well with the world, then this may be for you. If you prefer books that are a little more gritty, then look elsewhere.

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