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The Busy Writer Course

Writing Course

Think you are too busy to indulge in creative writing pursuits?

Think again.

This innovative creative writing course will take your writing to the next level irrespective of how much free time you have available. There is an abundance of writing projects within the course – most of which can be completed in a short time frame and these are interspersed with in-depth information on writing techniques to accelerate your learning curve. Whether you want to write short stories or eventually, write a novel, you’ll learn all of the relevant tricks of the fiction writers’ trade. At the end of the course, complete the assessment paper and receive professional feedback on your completed projects. 

Wonderfully intuitive…. 

Ready to get started? Usually £29.95. Now only £9.95 special offer.

 Pay by PayPal and then contact us here to confirm which email address you would like us to use. 



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