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Public Speaking

Speaking in publicReady to Enhance or Change your Career?

Have you ever wanted to become a professional public speaker hosting motivational or business events? Do you have a need to manage meetings or create and host high-level presentations to your company or to your peers?

Did you know that speaking in public is on the top ten list of fears and phobias?

Does the thought of speaking in public make you absolutely quake? You are not alone if so, many people are absolutely terrified at the prospect of being in the spotlight but all too often, nowadays, there is a great need for people to be able to do so.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to learn all of the relevant skills and techniques and to overcome anxiousness at speaking in front of an audience.  As a former trainer and motivational speaker, I have hosted meetings and presented to hundreds of people. I know just how nerve-wracking it can be to control those nerves but I also know how exciting and rewarding public speaking can be…if you know and use the tricks of the trade. Fortunately, all of the skills and know-how is included in the e-course below. 

Learn Public Speaking

This course includes: Overcoming nerves, breath and voice control, creating a script, high-powered beginnings, middles and endings, presenting with confidence, the importance of time-management, stage presence, making a positive impact, managing meetings, presenting to management or peers, becoming a full-time public speaker and so much more….

Buy the Public Speaking Made Easy e-course and study in your own time. Complete the course and the final assessment to a satisfactory standard and we’ll send you a certificate of merit which will provide proof positive of your abilities – perfect for job interviews or career change. Buy this course now for only £9.95. Offer closes on October 8th.  Full price will be £175. 

What do you have to lose? Only your fear of public speaking!

Buy the digital course for only £9.95 



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