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Who Killed September Falls?

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Arianne Tawnison is shocked to read about the death of her life-long friend September Falls in France. Wild and intensely beautiful, September had been hailed as the next great artist and her sudden death sends the cost of her work escalating dramatically. The media coverage focussed more on September’s wild and controversial behaviour, matching it only to the vivid imagery of her art, than the facts of her death.

Deeply upset and perplexed by the lack of answers being provided in the media, journalist Arianne leaves her home town of Salisbury and travels to Ceret in the South of France, determined to unravel the mystery that surrounds her friend’s death. Shrouded in secrecy, it’s all too evident that there is a web of lies and deceit to unravel as she retraces her friend’s last days, meeting the former lovers and friends who have their own agenda and conflicting memories. Following the clues, Arianne realises that September’s whole life had been built on a lie and as she draws closer to the truth, Arianne suddenly becomes aware that her own life is now in deadly danger.


Who Killed September Falls

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