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Books by Annette Young

Challenging Creative Writing Projects

Challenging Creative Writing Projects is crammed with exciting and challenging writing projects that will inspire creativity. Suitable for beginners or experienced writers who wish to boost their writing skills and yet develop them using fun, but carefully created writing prompts. No more writers block ever. These individual creative writing projects have been designed to challenge your inspiration maximising your potential and will help you develop the skills necessary to become not just a good writer but a great writer. Challenge yourself to new creative heights by working your way through the listed projects and by the time you reach the end of the book, you will not only feel the difference but you will be able to see just how far your writing style has developed.

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The Fiction Writer – Create Passion and Conflict

Many writers shy away from writing intense or passionate scenes because they can be difficult to write and yet they add so much to any work of fiction. Providing that the scenes form a natural part of the plot, they add greater depth and multiple layers that can reveal much about the characters involved.

Fiction should always mirror real life and a writer can tap into their own experiences to be able to write with greater conviction but sometimes, more is less if you wish to create dramatic scenes that engage the reader. The Fiction Writer – Create Passion and Conflict  takes the writer through the intricacies of writing conflicting or passionate scenes and will enable the writer to create compelling, dynamic scenes that will hook the reader from page one.

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The Fiction Writer – How to Make Your Character Cry

Do you struggle to bring heart and soul into your writing? Are your characters only 2 dimensional and uninspiring?
The Fiction Writer – How to Make Your Character Cry  will help you to bring sensitivity, emotion and integrity to your character development and this is vital if you wish to hook your reader and to connect with them on an intrinsic level. Your reader must feel their intense emotional pain, the inner anguish and be compelled to watch as your characters suffer the highs and lows of conflict. This  book shows you just how to tap into your inner experiences and bring a sense of realism to your characters.

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The Fiction Writer – Create Powerful Dialogue

Writing powerful dialogue can be difficult for any fiction writer. If not careful, it can sound stilted and unnatural. This direct and to the point book will depict just how to write dialogue that is gripping, powerful and above all natural. Don’t lose your readers with sloppy dialogue, instead learn to craft compelling communications and bring your characters to life.

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The Fiction Writer – Create the Perfect Villain

When writing fiction, if you have ever struggled to make your antagonist truly villainous, then this book is the one for you. It takes a direct approach to character development, focusing on the techniques required to create a multi-layered villain that your readers can love to hate. Writers need to crawl inside the skin of their characters to know what makes them truly tick and this book looks at potential triggers, timelines and character histories from a psychological approach to ensure that the result is both powerful and compelling.

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The Freelance Writer – Sell Your Articles Again and Again

Writers work hard producing high quality articles time and time again. But how much better to sell and resell those articles? As a writer, it’s vital that you learn how to maximize your earnings potential by writing smart. This book gives you all the information that you need to make writing your business and to truly be able to capitalize on your research skills using reprints and re-working to target other publications. This book helps you to write smarter and not harder.

Want to enjoy freelance success?

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The Stay At Home Travel Writer

Travel Writing is a lucrative job and many writers would love to become successful in this area. For some would-be travel writers, it may seem an impossibility because they are unable to travel extensively.

This book explains just how and why ‘ the stay at home’ travel writer’ can make the most of the locations around them, learning how to research and create an appealing angle.

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Who Killed September Falls?

Arianne Tawnison is shocked to read about the death of her life-long friend September Falls in France. Wild and intensely beautiful, September had been hailed as the next great artist and her sudden death sends the cost of her work escalating dramatically. The media coverage focussed more on September’s wild and controversial behaviour, matching it only to the vivid imagery of her art, than the facts of her death.

Deeply upset and perplexed by the lack of answers being provided in the media, journalist Arianne leaves her home town of Salisbury and travels to Ceret in the South of France, determined to unravel the mystery that surrounds her friend’s death. Shrouded in secrecy, it’s all too evident that there is a web of lies and deceit to unravel as she retraces her friend’s last days, meeting the former lovers and friends who have their own agenda and conflicting memories. Following the clues, Arianne realises that September’s whole life had been built on a lie and as she draws closer to the truth, Arianne suddenly becomes aware that her own life is now in deadly danger.

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The Work-Place Stress Survival Guide

If you’re tired and stressed and the thought of going going into work each day fills you with dread, you may wish to invest in The Work-Place Stress Survival Guide. This book is filled with helpful hints and stress management tips to help you combat any stress experienced through having a toxic boss, unhelpful colleagues or rising work-loads. There is even a free meditation audio track to help you unwind.

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Alcohol Recovery – The Easy Road Back to Sobriety

Alcoholism is far more common than many people realize. People from all walks of life suffer from the perils of alcohol abuse and addiction. Denial is the biggest problem when it comes to alcohol recovery because there has always been a stigma to admitting that there is a problem.
Alcohol Recovery – The Easy Road Back to Sobriety takes the alcoholic or alcohol abuser by the hand and helps to explain why there are potentially several causes of the addiction and an abundance of triggers which can keep the individual teetering on the edge unable to take control of their drinking habits.

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The Vegan Way

Ever thought of becoming a vegan but didn’t know where to start? It’s easier than you might think and this book will point the way forward to a life that is filled with nutrition and yet, no guilt. Covers the ethos of veganism and helpful recipes.

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