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The Perils of Work-Place Stress

Stress at Work

by Annette Young

Annette Young - Freelance WriterStress can affect us all irrespective of our chosen careers, but although self-employed people like myself face various stressors, there’s no doubt that we have greater control in the main than those who work for a company. Although my role as a writer and marketer can and does put me under great pressure at times, it’s not the same intensity or multitude of pressures as when I duly reported in each day at work.

I worked as a professional trainer reporting into the HR department for many years and while training my colleagues (from different roles within the company), I was able to see the effects of day to day pressures and witness fluctuating health levels. Stress impacts emotions and mood as well as all the physical aspects and there’s no doubt in my mind that stress can kill. Too much stress can chip away at the individual, lowering their resistance to bugs and viruses and making them susceptible to disease. This could be happening to you right now and you may not even realise.

If you dread going into work each day or if you are struggling to cope with rising pressures, then the chances are you are stressed. When I trained as a stress management counsellor a long time ago, I realised that many of those people who say they thrive on stressful situations juggling work demands, home demands and financial requirements succumb in the end. You may react well and stay calm under pressure but seriously, it could be doing untold damage internally.

There are lots of solutions to managing work-place stress, but, you have to acknowledge there is a problem first and that, for many, is the biggest issue.

Stress does not mean you are weak!

Accepting daily stressors and identifying them one by one puts you in a far better place to be able to source solutions. Stress zaps your strength. It makes you feel tired. It clouds your judgement. It can also make you as irritable as hell and this leads to family conflicts and yes, more stress. Work-place stress has to be dealt with otherwise, you may miss out on career opportunities, dread going into work and could develop feelings of depression. Life can spiral out of control.

Physical stress symptoms are far reaching and include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Upset stomach
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent colds and viruses
  • Chest pain and elevated heart beat etc.

Sound familiar? We are all susceptible to stress irrespective of the roles we undertake at work but the trick is to find relevant solutions that work for you and yes, it is possible. We’d all love to be stress free but, that’s impossible, so all we can do is learn how to cope with the stresses and strains in the most efficient way. Sadly, there will always be difficult bosses, unpleasant colleagues or just too much work that chips away at our resolve but, there are wonderful stress management techniques that can really work if applied.

What you have to consider is whether you wish to just get by at work or to survive those stressors in the workplace and instead, thrive in your career.

Annette Young is a qualified stress management, relaxation and addiction therapist who now uses her qualifications to add credence to the written word. She is a successful freelance writer, author and editor with a passion for nature and for justice, health and well-being in life.