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The Easy Way to Promote Your Business and Sell, Sell, Sell

Article Marketingby Annette Young

The Easy Way to Promote Your Business and Sell, Sell, Sell. Really, the title says it all and if you want to know how, I have a simple solution to the many complexities of business marketing or promotion. Now that I have grabbed your attention, let’s first clarify the problem that affects businesses or individuals who promote products the world over. 

If people cannot see your products or know about your business, you will not make any sales

I think you will all agree, that’s a fact. 

I’m a writer through and through but in the last 10 years of having to promote not just my own work but promoting the services for business clients or authors, I can honestly say that there is a solution to the difficulties of being able to stand out from the crowd. The secret is this – craft cleverly written articles that engage and compel the reader to read on and make them believe in all that you are saying.

Sure, it’s not new. But this is tried and tested and there’s a way to make article marketing REALLY work you.

So with this in mind, you need to show people that you truly believe in your products and more than this, that these products will work wonders for them. This is not about lying to the public, this is all about applying sales tactics to the written word and yet crafting your pitch in such a way that the reader WANTS to buy.

As an example, you need to show them that:

  • Your product is not just a ‘nice to have’ but it’s essential
  • That it will change the individual’s life
  • It will make life easier
  • Help them to earn more money
  • Help them to off-set stress
  • Help them to carve out a new career 
  • Give them the knowledge that will help them achieve success etc.

Consider the core values of any product, book or service. This is at the heart of good promotion. Think of a professional sales person, they don’t approach clients with a fluffy sales pitch, they know the problems, they know the solutions and they know how to fine-tune that pitch. It’s effective and it works.

So, with this in mind, how can you promote your products or books and get real results?

If you are good with the written word, I suggest writing at least two or three blog posts or articles a week  and these can be published to your site, but, know this, each article must be written for a specific audience. The articles must educate and inform but, importantly, incite such interest that the reader (potential customer) visits your website again and again or, they sign up for your services then and there. 

I’ve written about this before and I’ll say this. Article marketing works for me. Yes, you have to have a very clear purpose before starting and you need to keep in mind all that you want to achieve, no meandering around the houses and filling the article with fluff. Seriously, your potential buyers are far too savvy for that. 

Don’t make false promises, always speak the truth, and speak from the heart.

Your product will help them because….?


Your service will transform their skill-set or mind-set….why?

The idea is that you consider what you want to promote and then market it heavily through social media. I do this every day for my own business – The Creative Competitor and Break Free From Abuse and it works. I send thousands of people to those sites – without it costing me a penny and, I have increased my sales massively.

If you are not a good writer, don’t try this. Hire me or another writer to do the work for you but make sure it’s someone who is used to writing effective articles and who can blend informative, highly-valued content with a sales mix. You can find out more details HERE. I’m always happy to help.

In my mind, why re-invent the wheel when this approach really works? I have tweaked the traditional blog post and article so that it ticks both boxes. I write always with the reader in mind, but I NEVER forget my goals or those of my clients. It’s a WIN WIN. In recent months, I have trialed and tweaked this approach again and again, and I’m very happy to promote this as a method that can work for you. Forget publishing to Ezine articles and the like, have professionally written content on your own site and then market that like crazy. There are other ways to also accelerate this sales process and I’ll share this with you another time. 

If you like the idea of article marketing but don’t have the time or skills, take a look at this fabulous offer here

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