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Stop – Don’t Say Goodbye to Another Opportunity

Opportunitiesby Annette Young

How many opportunities have you squandered in life? Take a moment to think about it and turn your mind toward those occasions when you may have stood on the peripheral of your own life and watched those moments sail away.

Don’t worry, we all do it, often through fear, making excuses that we will reach out and grab the next opportunity that comes along…as if they materialise like buses. But with hindsight, shouldn’t we review, analyse and grab these life-changing chances as they happen? What prevents us from moving forward without any qualms?

Having worked in Human Resources, I have seen many employees who were keen to progress in their careers, simply let their dream jobs pass them by as they were too nervous or filled with self-doubts to apply. They dreaded rejection or failure and had doubts as to whether they were the right person for the role. They didn’t think that they could bring their own personality and experiences to the role, instead, negativity won the day.

The same happens with some of the people I talk to who are really keen to become professional writers. They have the desire to learn and to become successful but lack staying power when it comes to learning the craft or, being able to dedicate time to writing regularly. Those who persevere and stay the course are likely to live the dream, but I’ve known writers who were on the verge of becoming successful, simply fail to deliver.

Fear can be crippling and it’s not about having or not having the ability either. Your mind can work for you or against you, it’s as simple as that. 

Awareness can make a big difference. When you know that you have missed out on opportunities in the past and may have been mentally chiding yourself for doing so, providing you understand why this has happened, you can prevent it from happening again. You simply need to welcome in and relish those new opportunities. Sometimes you know whether an opportunity is not right for you and that’s a different thing altogether. But when you are tempted and that opportunity is calling out your name, it’s time to face your fears and knock down those barriers that hold you back in life. 

Annette Young is an experienced freelance writer, author and editor and is a qualified teacher trainer and a stress management, relaxation and addiction counsellor. She is passionate about nature, health and holistic well-being.

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