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Stand and Deliver

Presenting skills

Stand and Deliver?

Annette Young

Have you ever had to stand up in front of an audience and give a speech? You are not alone if you feel that being in the spotlight is truly terrifying. There are few people who naturally feel at ease on a stage or, when having to give presentations to a board of directors – under intense scrutiny. But nowadays, there’s even more need to be able to rise to this daunting challenge. Employers are looking for people who are able to take the flexible and adaptive approach to their work environment and who can rise to the challenge.

If you are looking to move up the career ladder into a more senior role, you can guarantee that having the ability to present at a high-level will be incredibly important. Consider this – if public speaking (on a large or small scale) is required and you are in the running for the job of your dreams but up against another employee who has equal experience and qualifications, being able to stand and deliver with confidence may be the skill that swings the promotion in your favour.

Having been a member of a high-powered Human Resources team, make no mistake that presenting skills are valued and come in handy even at a very first interview. We regularly handed out general topics to nervous new candidates asking them to wow us with their presenting skills for five minutes or so. If you think that this is only for those aiming for senior roles, you would be wrong. We were looking for those candidates with true potential. You will find that more and more businesses are doing the same. It will be no surprise that those who faced their fears and who handled the presentation in a more efficient manner were the ones who received the job offer.

Is public speaking easy? No. Is it an exhilarating role once trained? Yes. Whether you want to become a professional public speaker or, simply be able to create and host engaging presentations to your peers, these skills are invaluable. Isn’t it time you injected some extra skills into your personal repertoire? Make any potential new employers sit up and pay attention when you impress them with your smooth, confident and professional presenting skills. It’s easier than you might think.

Annette Young is a freelance writer, author and editor and has many years of experience training, presenting and speaking publically to large groups of people. As a qualified trainer, she has helped many people learn the skills to present in the workplace or at large seminars.

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