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Promotion Tactics – Tried and Tested

Article Marketing

Successful Business Promotion Using Article Marketing

Special Offer – Closes January 15th

If you are a new visitor to this site, you may wonder who I am and why I advocate article marketing while everyone talks of Facebook adverts and the like. I am a very successful freelance writer and author and have been in the publishing industry making a good full-time living through creating books, articles and courses for clients – on a worldwide basis. I have used a variety of promotional resources to improve my own publishing business and books and have tried and tested multiple marketing tactics and let’s be honest, some, like Facebook, require a huge marketing budget and it can take a while to edit and tweak your advert until it delivers. While you do so, it can equate to a lot of money down the drain. 

Annette Young - Writer

With online marketing processes ebbing and flowing like the proverbial tide, I always determine to find the best and relatively inexpensive ways in which to market businesses and I try out new options on my own services first, simply because if it works for me, I can at least, hand on heart offer it out to others.

So what works and what doesn’t at the moment?

At the moment, I have gone back to basics and am using unique, but attention-grabbing blog posts and articles to promote my websites and this really works for me. Since I have started doing this again, my sales have increased and the hits to specified pages on my website have gone up by the thousands…yes, seriously. While I incorporate SEO, this is not keyword stuffing, instead, I check the number of searches, just to choose quality keywords that people are looking for but I always ensure that it does not detract from the readability of the article. 

All of the articles I produce are carefully written with your customers in mind and they do not just focus on selling, they inform, they advise but they highlight an problem and provide a solution. In short, they hook the customers and send them to your website!

I strongly believe that if you give good value and build a connection with your readers, they are more likely to follow you, to believe in the services you promote and, they will buy from you. Just remember, there is too much free stuff around at the moment so if you want people to part with their hard-earned cash, you need to earn their trust and respect.

It is a tough climate business-wise and you have to combine good business practice with savvy marketing if you wish to stay one step ahead of the rest. When I provide articles for clients, it is not just about committing words to paper, it is about understanding the client’s core business, what they want to achieve and who their target audience is. Each article is crafted with a sharp and defined approach. 

Writing is more than a job for me, it is my passion and a pleasure to help you succeed in your own business endeavours.

Special offer:

Order 5 unique and compelling articles ( 500 – 600 words approximately) for £79.95 instead of £99.95 (if you prefer to pay in US dollars, please email me and I am happy to invoice you through PayPal)


Order 10 unique and compelling articles(500 words approximately) for £139.95 instead of £170.00 

If you require many articles, I am happy to discuss discounts and don’t worry, I never miss a deadline. 

Make your payment and then contact me: and clarify full details of your promotion needs. I am happy to discuss via Skype or through email so I can understand your needs and so you know I am a real person who cares about the end result. I produce one article first to ensure I have the right tone and pitch for your needs and then complete the rest. Articles can be completed within one week or as required. 

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