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Busy Chasing Your Tail? Hold Onto Creativity

Creative WritingBusy Chasing Your Tail? Hold Onto Creativity

Annette Young

How important is creativity in your life? Many people would state that being creative is an integral or much-desired part of life, even if only used to aid relaxation or to alleviate the stresses of daily life. Yet, so many people fail to explore this side of life because they are overwhelmed by the amount of work, problems and time restraints in life and creativity is often put on the back-burner. 

It’s probably true to say that society generally does not promote creativity as being important. Even schools fail to promote creativity as being a natural and vital component to life and yet, the benefits are far-reaching. By the time we reach our adult years, we are firmly entrenched in coping mode and learn to improve our juggling, multi-tasking skills, sadly, forgetting all about the creative release and the positivity that comes from engaging the right-brain rather than allowing the left-brain analytical approach to govern all that we do. 



Do you make the age-old excuse as not having enough time in your life for creative pursuits? You are not alone if so, but, without creativity, life can lose its edge, it loses its flair, its vibrancy, its colour. Creativity takes you out of the mundane and transports you to a place born of pure imagination. Whether you like to paint or to indulge in creative writing, the benefits are the same. You become free of day-to-day restraints. It’s so important to release that inner you and to free that creative spirit. Take back your life and make time for creativity. It is possible, providing you can organise your life and free up even a few moments of  ‘you’ time each day. 

In respect of writing, even five minutes a day can make you feel wonderful. Indulge your creative side, the benefits are far-reaching.

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