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“But how can you do that?”

Annette Young - WriterI am often asked how as a freelance writer, I can turn my hand to writing articles, books and courses on such varying topics and eyebrows are often raised when people realise that I write  high-level content but am not always fully qualified in the subject. This may make a few people gasp, ‘surely that is outrageous’ but, it is the role of the freelance writer to research deeply and to ensure all information is accurate before submitting work to clients.

Over the years, I have turned my hand to writing about meditation, fish-keeping, skincare, writing, classic cars, yoga, hypnotherapy, hobbies, drawing and painting and…oh, so much more. I often stay within the self-improvement niche simply because it is one of my many interests and, I am qualified in some therapies such as stress management and addiction recovery which makes it easier, but if a project is interesting and I can work well with the client, then I will often say yes and enjoy the whole learning process. It’s like going back to school, I learn and then, I pass that knowledge on.

Usually, my clients are the ones qualified in their chosen topics  and they hire me because they do not have the time, or perhaps the skills to complete their project personally. A good freelance writer will know how to source the information.

I see my role as being much more than a writer. I regularly advise and guide clients where necessary and always suggest submitted work is checked by an expert before they begin to promote it, not because I think it is wrong but because I believe the client must have faith in the work submitted. They owe it to their own clients’ to ensure products, books or courses are written to a professional level, more so if material is of an academic nature. I may turn down some projects if truly beyond my scope, but as a professional, and, (dare I say) a successful writer of many years, I know how to obtain accurate research material and always cross-check facts before submitting. I may know little at the start but by the end, I am as near to an expert as is possible. 

In this world where content is still king, people the world over need blog posts, articles, courses or copy for their websites. Not everyone is a writer, so there are always plenty who need my services or those of another experienced freelance writer. Research is an integral part of the job but so is attitude, dedication and a respect for the written word.  I approach each writing job with a view that I will be learning greatly and I always write with the reader in mind. I think about what they need to know if they are studying or what they need to know if am writing a book or an article. That’s the secret to being a good freelance writer. Often clients’ need more than the end product. They are often investing a lot of money, perhaps setting up a new business, they need sales and a return on their investment. They don’t need customer complaints. I forge connections with my clients and I believe that makes the whole process easier and more productive. I work hard to help smooth their way to success.

I am a writer through and through, but my experience in writing, marketing and publishing is extensive. Sometimes, it’s vital to go beyond words. It becomes important to take an intuitive approach to the project as the client may need support, sometimes even encouragement, they will certainly need high-level copy. As an experienced freelance writer, it’s my role to inform, guide, motivate and even entertain and it’s a joy to have such a varied but exciting career.

Annette Young

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