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If you would like to read articles on a wide variety of topics, then this is the page to come to. The articles here represent aspects of my career to-date – from freelancing writing and marketing, to becoming an author or, improving your career. Please feel free to share these articles through social media or to copy and paste onto your website if you are looking for fresh content. All I would ask is that you copy and pasteĀ the author bio too (yes, that’s mine at the bottom of the articles) and post a link back to my website. Then it’s a win-win for all.

Public Speaking Articles

Stand and Deliver

Motivational Articles

Busy Chasing Your Tail? Hold Onto Creativity

Stop-Don’t Say Goodbye to Opportunities

General Articles

Writing, Opportunities and Brexit

Marketing Articles

Promotion Tactics – Tried and Tested

The Easy Way to Promote Your Business and Sell, Sell, Sell

Freelance Writing Articles

Beyond Words – The Freelance Writer

Stress Management Articles

The Perils of Work-Place Stress

Too Tired to Relax

Grab Stress by the Scruff of the Neck

Emotional Abuse and Recovery

Protect and Nourish Your Self-Worth

Health and Fitness

Adrenal Glands SOS

Fusing Yoga Styles

Where Words Matter