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The Product Sleuth

The Product Sleuth

Product Creation Takes Creativity, Business Flair and a Whole Lot of Work.

Product fixer

You’ve worked round the clock determined to get the product ready

But it’s all worth it right?

After all, there’s a whole world of eager customers just waiting to part with their hard earned cash and your product is going to WOW them with your ingenuity. When launch day arrives and you excitedly hit that ‘go live’ button and wait in anticipation for the cash to flood your bank account, it’s the most disappointing feeling EVER when the cash doesn’t roll in…. so much as trickle.

All that hard work!

All that investment!

So why are your products not selling in the way that they should?

We’ve seen it all too often. The idea is great, your product knowledge is in place and your business set-up is sound, but then something goes wrong, very wrong and the product just flops…. or sells very little.

If you are disappointed beyond belief, about to throw your product out of the window and,  are in the midst of pulling ALL your hair out, don’t..not yet.

Product Fixer

If sales are lower than anticipated, you’ve looked through all your material, you’ve checked your marketing projections and…..finally you figure you are going to have to stump up for some paid marketing.

Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google….you need to get the word out there but, boy that’s going to cost.



Take a DEEP breath, PAUSE, THINK and then let us analyse your product.

If there’s a problem, we’ll detect it.

Your product is safe in our hands and seriously, we’ll root out any issues.


We’re authors, marketers and content specialists.

We write sales copy, we coach, we are product creators.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

From just £75.00, we can analyse your product and provide you with an in-depth report – a plan of action that gets inspiration buzzing ..



 That’s right.

The starting price is:


It’s a one -off fee payable in pounds or dollars unless…… you need us to fix it for you or, require ongoing coaching support or re-writing.

Ready to see the cash rolling in?

Product Analyser

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or the line of work you are in. If you are selling to the public and your product is missing that vital ingredient, we can get the ball rolling.

Book your product in for analysis now.

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Please read the terms and conditions carefully:

We guarantee confidentially with your product, it will not be shared with anyone other than the Annette J Young Writing Services & Marketing Team.

We allow 7 days on average to complete the analysis. This will vary depending on the type of product, advertising material, sales funnel or conversion figures to study.

The £75 or $110 price starting price is typically for standalone reports or products. No work will be started until an exact price has been confirmed and accepted. As an example, a detailed product with advertising material, physical product, CD’s or DVD’s and sales funnel will cost more due to the time required for analysis. If you are unsure, just ask. We operate a transparent and authentic service and our goal is to help you succeed.

If you need the analysis in a rush, ask us about our priority service.


Annette J Young Writing & Marketing Services will NOT sell, transfer or share ANY  information received with ANY other party. All documents received remain the intellectual property of the original author.  If a Non-Disclosure or Copyright agreement is required, we will happily sign yours. Simply email the form to: