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Do you have an idea for a book but perhaps you are not sure you can find the right words? Perhaps you have little time to complete it but the idea is so very compelling. I have the solution.

I am the author of 16 books currently – a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and I am skilled at creating well-written, accurate and compelling books that grip the reader from page one.  I am an experienced ghostwriter which means I write high quality fiction and non-fiction books for others.

I work with you to ensure that your idea is brought to life with imagination, dedication and flair.  I am skilled at research and am happy to consider most subjects and I foster a strong communicative approach to my freelancing work. I like to discuss the best way in which to bring your idea to publication and to keep you informed step by step.

I have ghostwritten numerous books and reports for clients in a wide variety of niches including:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Interview Techniques
  • Dating
  • NLP
  • Business
  • Fiction

Worried that your name won’t be on the cover? Don’t be. In my ghostwriting guise, I am happy to hand over the rights to you. Prices vary and are dependent on the amount of research required and the number of pages.

Ask me for more details here: annettejyoung@gmail.com

Please include details of your idea, number of anticipated pages, deadline etc so I can provide you with an accurate quote.


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