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A little about me…

From an early age, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I was totally fascinated by the written word. Books held the promise of exciting new worlds to explore and I dreamed of being a famous writer and seeing all of my stories in print. Dreams do not come easily….life ticked on and reality beckoned. 

My working life was varied. I worked in the retail industry for some time – learning various skills – sales, customer service, accounting and complaint management and over the years, worked in retail management, sales and as a team manager within an office environment. While working hard for a living, I never once gave up my dream of writing and my everyday experiences found their way within the pages of my latest writing projects. I would write for the sheer pleasure of it, trying out different techniques and  styles enjoying the sense of creativity that it gave me. Writing became an outlet for stress as well as a way to one day make my living from the written word. After years of writing purely for my own pleasure and as a way of simply releasing my creativity, I finally plucked up the courage to submit work for publication and was as surprised as anyone when the writing credits began rolling in.

Later, as my writing credits and confidence grew, I qualified as a Teacher/Trainer and taught Creative Writing and Journalism at college in the UK. I also became a trainer for a corporate company writing a multitude of training programs and hosting events. Subjects included:

  • Public Speaking
  • Telephone, Voice and Communications
  • Complaint Management
  • Leadership in Progress
  • Customer Service etc.

For a while I worked in the same company as the Police Liaison Officer and then, a motivational speaker. I also qualified as a Stress Management, Relaxation and Addiction Therapist and began to combine my writing with my new qualifications.  Work was busy but I never forgot my own dream of becoming a successful published writer. 

Fast forward to the present date: I have my own freelance writing business. I am the editor of The Creative Competitor, the co-owner of Transformative Thought and now, the owner of Creative Pulse Training and Events. I travel extensively, the world truly is my oyster. I love my nomadic life, am fascinated by the written word and now,  I also get to reach out to others in a training capacity. It’s hard not to be content.

I am the author of many books on Amazon and you can take a look at all of my books here:

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