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Do you need professional writing services? Then look no further. Annette J Young Writing and Publishing Services provides optimal content, book promotion and marketing. 

Annette Young - WriterI am an established freelance writer with a multitude of published writing credits to my name – worldwide. I am passionate about the written word. Writing is not simply a job, it is my career and I care about the end result. I provide a vast array of writing services,  all with a professional and enthusiastic approach.

Importantly, I do not outsource writing contracts to others. If you have hired my services, then rest assured that I will be the writer or editor on your project from beginning through to completion.

I do have a small team of professionals behind me who provide exceptional services such as:

  •  Book Trailers
  • Banners
  • Editing and Proof-Reading
  • Manuscript Evaluations
  • Sales pages, Marketing Funnels and Product Evaluation
  • Book Reviews

The team has the same code of ethics as me – professional, diligent and dedicated. I will always confirm whether my colleagues will be handling your work or whether I will work on it.

I provide a complete writing and marketing service – a one stop shop of creativity that can bring your project to life. I work with you until you are completely satisfied that the work exceeds your expectations.  I can tailor any writing services or additional products to your needs making the service seamless for you. Need help with the launch of  your book, website or product? Look no further.

Please note that this website is in the process of being revamped but here is the full list of writing services available:

  •  E-books – If you have a basic idea of a book you would like to write but may not have the time or the writing skills to bring your project to life, then why not discuss how I can help you?  I can work with you to ensure that you have the project that you want or simply provide me with an overview of your project and I will do the rest.
  • Re-Writing – Started a book but ran out of steam? Completed but aware that it needs some re-writing? Let me re-write and polish your book to publication standard.
  • Articles for magazines, websites or publications – Need an article in a hurry? No problem. Contact me and I will research and write the article for you – with the designated publication or website in mind.
  • Blog posts – Have you run out of topics to write about? Why not hand over the blogging side to me so you can recharge those creative batteries?
  • SEO articles – Need to get the world to sit up and take notice of your articles but tired of seeing keyword saturated articles that have no readability factor? Just tell me what you need. I am more than proficient in keyword research and at carefully placing the keywords throughout the article so that they enhance rather than detract from the article.
  • Copy-writing – Starting up a business or simply wanting to find a new writer? I can provide copy for websites, brochures, booklets, newsletters etc.
  • Meditation ScriptsVenturing into the Self-Help Arena? Need some creatively visual scripts so you can add to music and sell? I am a qualified stress management relaxation and addiction therapist. I have written numerous scripts for meditation and hypnosis CD’s. Let me help you.
  • Training Documents – Need customer service or sales training documents? Need virtual workshops or PowerPoint presentations created? Setting up courses? I am a qualified trainer with years of experience in the Corporate niche and can provide exceptional ‘Ready to Go’ training material that meet your requirements.
  • Manuscript Critique and Appraisal – Finished your novel but not sure how good it is? Send it to me for an in-depth appraisal. I check for consistency, powerful dialogue, strength of plot, descriptive quality and so much more. Give your manuscript a fighting chance.
  • Manuscript Conversion to Kindle – Manuscript ready but not sure how to format it? Correct formatting is vital. Without it, you will get bad reviews or refunds. Poor reviews will affect future sales – don’t leave it to chance. I have formatted  many books successfully for publishing on Amazon and your book is in safe hands.
  • Social Media Marketing – Authors do you need to get the word out about your book? Sign up for a flurry of compelling tweets that will get book lovers across to your Amazon pages or websites. Plus, I also own Love the Book Bubble Facebook page and will also promote your book there in addition.
  • Social Media Marketing for Businesses – If you have a business and would like to promote new products, services or, just get the word out there about your company. I can drive traffic across to your website or promotional pages.
  • Press Release – Nothing makes the media sit up and take notice more than a well-crafted press release. Launching a book or a fantastic new product? You need to get the word out there. Simply tell me about it and I will craft a press release that hurtles your new product into the spotlight.
Team Work
  • Book Reviews – It’s so important to get honest book reviews and you can trust my team to read your book and to provide a compelling review that helps to promote your sales.
  • Book Trailer – Nothing promotes a book more than a visual representation. Enter the world of video marketing. We can create exceptionally visual and exciting book trailers that provide a direct link to your sales page. Increase your sales dramatically. Just tell us all about your book and we will do the rest.
  • Website Creation –  Need an author website? Are you just starting out in business and need a compelling website to attract customers and to sell products? Look no further, just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.
  • Editing and Proof-Reading Services – Give your book the best chance it has by ensuring that there are no inconsistencies or grammatical errors that make your book look weak. We check for spelling, grammar and style. Paragraphs, citations and structure all form part of our service ensuring no inaccuracies. If you want peace of mind for your book, then this service is a must. Click on the link for full details and prices.
  • Sales Letters and Squeeze Pages – Do you have some products to sell and need some powerful copy to make potential customers buy, buy, buy? No problem, we can help you to increase your conversion rates.
  • The Product Sleuth – Do you have a product that failed to bring you in the financial gains you imagined? We analyse the product, the advertising material, sales letter or social media ads and provide you with detailed, targetted feedback as to how you can turn your product into an attention-grabbing masterpiece.
Still not sure? I am the editor of Creative Competitor and you can review writing samples online. In addition, you can view client feedback on Elance under the profile of LexyHart.

Contact me for a personal quote that is relevant to the work you need. Writing samples available on request. 

Annette J Young Writing Services will NOT sell, transfer or share ANY  information received with ANY other party. All documents received remain the intellectual property of the original author.  If a Non-Disclosure or Copyright agreement is required, we will happily sign yours. Simply email the form to:

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